Chihuahua Corridor

Project Description

Tarahumara Gas Pipeline is the first natural gas interconnection between USA and Mexico to assure the increasing demand. The project was accomplished in 15 months and no incidents or complains from communities were presented. GDI reach a performance between 1,100 and 2,000 meters/day per work front due to the strong effort in the Logistics Department. GDI did all the civil works including: preparing the right of way, transport and laying of 15,958 pipes with 24 meters in length on the row, trenching, backfilling and restoration of the row.

A huge fleet of specialized equipment was mobilized: approximately 60 trucked excavators of various capacity, 7 cranes up to 60 TON capacity, D8 and D9 Bulldozer, 8 Moto-Graders, 5 Mobile screening plants, 4 big trenchers, 3 boring machines for crossings and approximately 120 accommodation for personnel divided in two camps including kitchen and messing facilities, recreation area, clinic, potable and waste water treatment plants. For civil part of this project currently are working approximately 1,500 people and it expects that construction ends in July 2015.