We are specialists in construction and maintenance of pipelines, ducts and aqueducts, with more than 3,200 Km. of experience at national level, bringing the right solution for our client needs.

Under a constantly training and updating program, we develop technicians and specialists than fulfil with the highest levels of health, security and environment, this permits to GDI be a member of International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) bringing a flexible, integral and quality service that guarantee the ending of project on time.


Developing of roads and engineering

Basic engineering and engineering in detail

Permission management and properties acquisition

Ditch opening

Opening track

Supporting technician studies

Big and small management

Environmental Impact Manifestation (MIA)

Ditch bed

Welding and Bending

Recomposition of land

Wildlife rescue

Geothecnical works and stabilization slopes

Covered ditch

Environmental compensation


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